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Being able to own & share authentic, unchanged valid credentials without any interventions.

R&D Blockchain
Current Certification Challenges

Current Certification Challenges

Academic credentials are esteemed assets. Whether its applying for higher education, job, or for a passport/visa, academic credentials form an evidence for one’s identity and eligibility. For the credential verifying bodies, the challenges of dealing with fake credentials is turning out to be a big problem. Even larger challenge lies in being able to prove the authenticity of a certificate.

We need better systems to help contain this widespread issue. Another challenge for the individual is to go through the tiring process of procuring copies of certificates from the issuing authorities and further proving their authenticity by notarizing or attesting them.

Create & Manage Blockchain based credentials

A smart solution that give institutions, people and all parties involved with a highly secure, web based dashboard to create, manage and issue digital, blockchain-based credentials (e.g.transcripts, diplomas, certificates, etc.) and to verify them online in real-time basis.


Only verified issuing authorities will issue smart blockchain based certificates with unique hash signature.


Rightful owner or anyone he/she shares the unique hash with, will be able to verify the authenticity of issued certificate online.

Secure Storage
Secure Storage

Trustless decentralized nature of blockchain technology used to digitize and store data with fraud proof encryption via IPFS.

Benefits to certificate issuing authorities

For Issuing authorities
  • Issue cryptographically-sealed records that cannot be faked
  • All records stored securely and referenceable
  • No need to spend unplanned time to transmit official records to consumers
  • Instant verification. No dependency on issuing authority to verify records
  • Own and share official records easily as regular process
  • No risk of losing records since the transaction is recorded on the blockchain
  • Third parties can check records anytime
For End User
  • Own and share cryptographically sealed certificates
  • All your certificates secured and in one place
  • No waiting time to request authenticated official records
  • Instant verification. No dependency on issuing authority to verify records
  • Virtual verification process for employers and background verification agencies
  • No risk of losing records since the transaction is recorded on the blockchain
  • Access of certificates and mark sheets 24/7 real-time basis
Our Ideology

Our Ideology


Simplified protocols for authorities to issue tamperproof certificates

Proof Of Ownership

Providing ownership of certificate data without depending on intermediaries.

Open For All

Open for all consumer mechanism to verify certificates


Secure & immutable way to store and share valued certification data.

Real Time

Identify & discourage counterfeiting in real-time.

Security & Privacy

Composed in a pseudo-Latin language which more or less corresponds.