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Welcome to StudentInk a platform that gives you the fun feel of facebook yet content focused on student engagement, while providing you Emotional and Mental well-being combined with cyber security and a ERP delivering 360 degree MIS Solution

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We ain’t just an edtech platform focusing on Digital Learning, but building a synchronized networking community to bridge the gap created between physical and virtual classrooms. We provide you with an ERP system to help you gain a wholesome experience of analysing, tracking and understanding the working of academies, students and educators. Yet presenting it with a UI/UX alike facebook to keep it engaging and interesting.

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According to UNICEF 23.8 Million Students and Youth are Loosing their access to schools due to pandemic and certain other factors. We as a community should aim to provide them the accessibility to free learning platforms like Studentink and witness them prospour as leaders of tomorrow. We are on the mission to redefine Online Learning, not just to the privileged but to the underprivileged too. Join us and be a part of this initiative.

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Studentink Features

Start working with Studentink A Platform that brings together all the 4 Pillars of Education - School, Students, Parents and Educators creating an Integrated Educational Ecosystem.

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High Performing ERP System

School is the place where students with diverse knowledge and minds enter and educators own the responsibility of molding those minds in the correct direction. We at Studentink offer you a platform with the UI/UX like facebook along with a 360degree MIS Report. Here you can get a complete SWOT analysis of not just students but teachers as well while understanding which curriculum is more effective and all of it in your own regional languages. We ain’t just a mode conduct video lectures we let you construct a virtual model of your school where every minimal day to day activity can be taken care of.

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An Educational Networking Platform

You don’t need to learn how to escalate your google search skills anymore, Studentink has got you all covered and secured. Your Online Networking, Peer Group Discussion, Assignment Submission, Reminders of Events and Activities and a lot more is right here just a click away on the Studentink Platform. A hassle free educational platform giving flight to your learning experience.
With Easy Access to the Faculties and Students the feeling of being away or the Emotional and Mental Void will all be gone. We are right here to bridge all your educational and networking gap “Always”.

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Indepth Analysis of Children

With the world moving so fast and technology changing rapidly the challenge isn’t just to become tech savvy but to see if your child is using that tech in the correct direction. With Studentink you will be able to track the progress of you child’s academic performance and experience his learning journey without worrying about him getting lost in this cyber ocean.
We curate content seeing the needs and demands of the students and provide them the hand holding support to help them not only excel in their desired field but also protect them from wrong influences. Learning has just become easy, and security isn’t a worrisome thing when you got Studentink.

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Detailed Online Pedagogy and Student Analysis

Changing the educational environment from Offline to Online has not been an Easy Task, not having the physical presence of students has made it even hard. We at Studentink try to provide you a digital school environment, where other than conducting live lectures you can easily connect with the students and parents, receive a topic based SWOT Analysis of students and an in depth analysis to identify how effective your online pedagogy is. Studentink focuses on saving your time, while helping you create a library enriched with your best content.

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Client Stories

At Studentink we try to provide you, your best experience with seamless learning, and we love to be attested by you.

Student Ink

" After using Octopd App I can confidently say my IQ has Increased. Eveyday after going home I love to open the App and read Certain Topics, Play Quizzes. Thanks Octopod for making Learning Fun for me. "

- Mehak A, Leua (SVS English School)
Student Ink

" Octopod has helped me enhance my knowledge. I used the English Language Videos to Improve my Vocabulary, Science Video to clear my concepts. Virtually also it created a path to share knowledge and connect with Peers and Teachers. "

- Sakshi Tripathi (SVS English School)
Student Ink

" Octopod is an excellent App, for us it is a Mini School. It keeps Reports of Student's Attendance, Assignments, Monthly Performance, Fee. It keeps a check of Teachers classes, their performance and even parents can track their Child's Activities. "

- Joyasree Talapatra (MLZ)
Student Ink

" Octopod is the best App to connect with Students Digitally. It has not just supported us academically, but we have saved ample of time and stationary after joining Octopod. It has made it easy for the working parents to access their child's daily performance and every information, worksheet, test is now a notification away. "

- Anita Maurya (Terf School)
Student Ink

" With Octopod, Communicating with students has become an easy task, and teaching through videos make the topics more relevant and interesting, plus the parents also stay updates. Digital Education has helped in reducing students engagement towards social media and reduce the pen and paper based workload "

- Meghal Shah (SVS English School)
Student Ink

" Octopod is a very helpful and easy to use application. With Octopod we can upload Video, Assignments, Test - Check and Review their performance and send their results back to the students for their understanding and assessment, while it makes it convenient for parents to know their child's progress. "

- Arti Panchal (Glorious Public School)
Student Ink

Build your Virtual School - Networking Ecosystem with Studentink app.

Download Studentink Today and make education fun, interactive and interesting. A Single App Providing Multiple Solutions.